Saturday, November 1, 2008

Life - post Halloween

   I am still recovering from the two fabulous Halloween parties I attended over the last week. My friend Sheri hosted an all-out, no holds barred costume event for Halloween - an annual event that I always look forward to. At the party, I met Sheri's sister for the first time, and I can't stop smiling about some of the things she said that night. ("God tells me to love him. So I do." "That's my family. I'm sorry." "I might've gotten a better kiss if I could lift my legs like she could.")
We were all happy to see the return of "G", who had been missing from the band scene since his wife left him for the new drummer. G was the smelly-good pirate, who let me borrow his rosary since I was dressed as a nun. Karaoke was a little intimidating in his presence; G was always the lead singer of the now-disbanded band. Near 3:00 in the morning, I saw him face-down on the floor, repeating "I'm fine, I'm fine" every time the host tried to get him to move to a blow-up mattress.
Sheri usually has our favorite psychic Marius at her Halloween parties, but he was back home in New Zealand. I hope to see him next year.
The smelly-good pirate, Sheri, her sister, Mitch, the kids and I all went to lunch at the Powerhouse the next day. I first ate at the Powerhouse years ago when the band was playing outside. G had lost his voice because they had performed elsewhere the night before. No one could figure out why they thought double-booking in one weekend would be a good idea. I remember the boys fighting, trying to figure out who would sing. Then G's wife took the stage and rescued them. She had been fired by the band previously. This was all, of course, prior to the new drummer coming on board.
Things change so rapidly. You can't predict just happens.
  The most recent party I attended was populated mainly by college professors. The host had retired from teaching, but was well-thought of by her colleagues. Apparently when she hosts a party, they all come running! I felt lucky to be there. I was the newest faculty member, and I thought a lot of most everyone there.
   Our department head walked in dressed as Abe Lincoln, complete with high-rise shoes and a stove-pipe hat. Dr. A had brought some wonderful muffaletta-style dip that I couldn't stop eating. And I saw one of the former chemistry instructors, who had left his position to complete his Ph.D. at the same university where I earned my Master's. We talked about the few professors we knew there. We also talked about old movies and remakes. The host's husband absolutely refuses to see the more recent version of "The Manchurian Candidate." He said he was "old" and there was no way anyone would be better then Angela Lansbury...not even Meryl Streep! He and Mr. G helped me write down a list of must-see movies and they eventually sent me home with a copy of "The Day the Earth Stood Still."
   Mr. G told me about a conspiracy theory about why the U.S. is converting to Martial Law...some binary star system is supposed to interlock with our solar system for a few months in 2012 . One of the planets (Planet X?) may swing by Saturn and the gravitational effects could be devastating for Earth. Earthquakes, tsunamis, that why George W. is so hellbent on controlling the oil in the world? Are we snatching control of the planet's major resources and converting to Martial Law because there is a real, probable global disaster headed our way? I told Mr. G that the Bush administration had been in favor of returning to the Moon...Bush isn't exactly a science person, so I was already assuming there was a military reason for his interest. The conversation topic made me wonder if our current federal administration had some inside knowledge and wanted to get some warm bodies set up on the Moon in case our beloved planet does flippy-flop over on its axis and kill all of us. Hmmmmm.....
   Then I stood up and got a Mickey's malt liquor and tried to decode the secret message inside the twist-off lid.

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