Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

   2016 was the year we were promised a female President and we were talking about colonizing Mars. (FINALLY, on both accounts!) It was, in many ways, a very forward-thinking year. But things didn't go as planned. And so many famous people died, including our beloved Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). And when her Mom (Debbie Reynolds) died the next day, it seemed like things couldn't get any sadder. 
   2017 promises lots of drama with the election of Donald Trump, the most non-forward-thinking Presidential candidate of 2016.  (Actually, you could probably call him the most non-THINKING candidate of 2016.) How the &#$% did this happen?!
   While I am appalled and distraught, I do think we will be able to tell any young person who dreams of running for office that, YES, it is quite possible for ANYONE to become President of the United States of America! 
   I absolutely loved the purple two-toned suit that Hillary wore during her concession speech. Others have commented that the color purple was symbolic for unity of America by blending blue for the Democrats and red for the Republicans. I personally thought it was just a beautiful suit!  Some days later on Twitter, Hillary was pictured with fantastic hair, minimal make-up, and purple nails. I actually went out and bought purple nail polish because it reminded me of the beautiful suit Hillary wore during her very classy concession speech. Make no mistake, this woman is TOUGH! 
Hillary Clinton holds it together during her painful concession speech. 

Hillary sporting purple nails. Is this the new power color for women?

Edited January 4, 2017. I had to add more purple!