Monday, January 28, 2013

"I Saw a Bigfoot!"

The Spillway at Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma

   Late one night in the early 90's, bored teenagers Jason Collins and Andy Holdsclaw drove to a state park just north of Wilburton, Oklahoma. These boys had no idea what they were about to see. 
   Collins remembers pulling his 1986 Pontiac TransAm up near the spillway to take a look around. "We got out (of the car) at the same time," said Collins. "We walked over to the ledge near the spillway and Andy yelled, 'LOOK!' I looked down and saw a hairy, taller-than-human thing sitting in the middle of the creek next to the spillway.
   "It looked up at us as if it was startled and it started to run," said Collins. It ran upright, very quickly, over slippery, uneven rocks. "When have you ever seen a bear run on its hind legs over slippery rocks without falling?" asked Collins. It also looked more human than bear "because of the shoulders," explained Collins.
   The boys ran back to the car and tried to think logically about what they just saw. Since they were in a campground area, they thought maybe someone was camping nearby and decided to take a dip in the creek. "We went everywhere that we could think of inside the park and couldn't find a single camper. So we left for home," said Collins.
   At the time, Collins did not tell anyone about the incident. "My friend Andy was so scared when he told his mom." She called the rangers' office and asked if there had been any reports of a Bigfoot. The officer she spoke to said it might have been an escaped convict from the McAlester prison. "He said he would check into it and within a few hours he called her back and said there were no reports of anyone escaping," said Collins. 
   In preparation for this interview (January 2013), Collins called Robbers Cave Park Ranger William Hahn who has worked at the park for more than a year. Hahn said that no one has ever reported seeing a Bigfoot inside the park. He did not think it would have been an escaped prisoner, either. Hahn worked at the McAlester prison for nearly 10 years and said 90 percent of escaped prisoners "usually go home, not to a state park to hide." He also mentioned a rumor that a bear lives near the spillway, although he has never seen it. 
    "I cannot be more serious about what I am about to say, and to this day if you asked me, 'Did you see a Bigfoot?' - I would say 'Yes,'" said Collins. 

The creature was seen near these rocks at the bottom of the spillway, located a few miles north of Wilburton, Oklahoma.

      Blogger's Note:  I took an astronomy class with Jason Collins in 2012 when he originally told me this story. He was the first person I have ever met who believes he may have seen a sasquatch. I begged him to do this interview.  -J.L.


  1. I am so glad that Jason was willing to share his story. Good job writing it, it's exactly how I remember him recounting it to us on that cold winter night long ago in McEver.

  2. I worked at Robber's Cave State Park over the summer of 1980. I wish I'd known to look for anything like Bigfoot. The park is surrounded by miles of forest so it's a good place to hide out just like the bandits did for which it's named.

  3. I and a friend have heard something strange out there one night.we was in the area of of where u go go to the caves .we was where the picnic tables are right before u cross the low water bridge going to the had been raining pretty hard off and on and the creek was flowing pretty hard.well when the rain slow down we hard a sound like if some one was walking in the creek.i remember thinking how would a person be walking through the water flowing so hard and not get knock down by the water.any way I then heard the sound of a rock being tuned over in the water.i heard the suction of the rock being pulled over out of the mud then the sound of mumbling and it got a little bit more louder the mumbling did like if someone was getting irritated.i don't know for sure what it was I didn't see it but I think it was a bigfoot because I don't think any person could be walking in the creek flowing hard like it was and not get knock down by the water flowing like that.