Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day-After Hair


   Have you ever seen anyone at the grocery store, or maybe IHOP or the Cracker Barrel in the morning, and you could tell they were still recovering from a GREAT party the night before? They may not be dressed well, or they might have smeared make-up left on, but the tell-tale sign is their HAIR. Their fabulous, messy, over-sprayed, pinned up, tousled hair. You usually have to pay someone to do a great up-do for you. And normal people don't wear up-dos unless they are going to a wedding, a prom, or some big party where they want to look their BEST. 
   I went to a party like that last night. Eight doctors had just graduated from a 3-year-residency program. It was a grueling and emotionally abusive process, according to my friend Nathan. He did not try to hide the anger in his graduation speech. 
   I joined his family at the ceremony, which was hosted at the Movie Lounge in Fort Smith, Arkansas. There were more than 200 people present, and half of them were decked out in formal gowns and dresses. Aunt Frances and I were excited to be there, although Nathan was less enthusiastic.
   Besides Nathan's angry speech, the most other noteworthy event happened during another graduate's speech. The young doctor from New York mentioned one of the residents who had been kicked out of the program, and he poured part of a beer onto the podium in his honor (???). I'm not sure where that idea came from, but Nathan said he'd probably get yelled at for it later. (That same New York doctor yelled "To Valhalla!" near the end of Nathan's speech.)
    The Movie Lounge had a really nice bartender, and I asked him to recommend a good girlie drink. He made something called "The Mob Wife" for me, and it was DELICIOUS! It had orange juice and amaretto in it, and I'm going to call him to see if I can get the rest of the ingredients. I let Nathan try it, and he said that was the highlight of his night. 

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