Saturday, January 8, 2011

Raza Names a Dress "The Elegant Astronaut!"

"The Elegant Astronaut" by Raza Designs

I was quite surprised to find a link online to a different "Elegant Astronaut." This is not another blog, however; it is the name of a dress made by Raza Designs. It is described as a "Black Mat Jersey A-line gown with accentuated shoulder, collar and waist decor," and it sells for $140.00. It does look reminiscent of something Queen Amidala would wear from Star Wars, wouldn't you say? Kudos to Raza for their tasteful and elegant clothing! What a refreshing collection of gorgeous dresses, robes and gowns that flatter a woman's physique while leaving a little something to the imagination.

Raza's website can be found at:
(Hyperlink will appear when you roll the mouse over it.)

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