Friday, November 26, 2010

I Dare You to do This in Abu Dhabi...

"I have sex!"   Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall)

Overall, I was disappointed with the movie Sex and the City 2. But I do love the series, as I own every single episode that ever came on HBO. I am just tired of watching Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) cheat on her man (whoever he happens to be at the time) and then grovel at his feet like an insipid teenager.
  There were some very entertaining scenes in this movie, however, including the wedding scene where Liza Minnelli performed Beyonce's "Put a Ring on it." I was truly amazed. Liza can still sing and swing with the best of them.
   I also laughed quite heartily at the scene featured above, where Samantha (who I never get tired of) is shopping around a marketplace in Abu Dhabi, and someone snatches her purse. Its contents spill to the ground, including a stash of gold-foiled condoms. The local men in the market stand around her, watching this very American woman pick up her belongings. (At this point in the movie, the uber-modern New Yorker with her blatant sexuality has already been arrested once for inappropriate behavior in public.) Apparently fed up with the disapproving stares and attitudes of the local men, Samantha begins yelling, "Condoms! Condoms! YES! I have sex!!" while doing pelvic thrusts at the men.
I replayed the scene at least three times, it was so funny. 
   Samantha's friends grab her quickly and they hurry off into a building with the help of some local women who save the day.

   Repressed sexuality in the Middle East is certainly one of the major cultural issues that makes for interesting discussions, (and funny movies), although I am of the opinion that Muslims are not so different from many of the religious zealots in America. My experiences working in the aerospace industry in Northern Alabama a few years ago really opened my eyes to some of the attitudes and perceptions of Americans in the South. More on this later...

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