Friday, September 3, 2010

Spaceship found!

   Local WWII veteran and mechanic Frank "Al" Thomas built this metallic beauty back in the 60s. Friends of Al's in Russellville, Arkansas, say that he intended to fly it, although no one ever saw him try. It was approximately 12 feet in diameter, and at least nine feet tall. There was a seat perched in the bubble for the pilot. "Exploding electricity" was the method of propulsion.
   My friend Kevin Barber knew Al, and said he enjoyed spending time in Al's shop with him. Al passed away several years ago, and his spaceship is rumored to be on display at a museum up north.

Al Thomas in his shop. Russellville, AR.

Edited April 29, 2016



    1. Thank you, Mikel! I would enjoy visiting this place.

  2. Hi this is Peter from Space Age Museum! Where did you get that photo of Al? We are looking for images of him to use for telling his story. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please email me at


  3. I got to see the spacecraft when I was teaching in Russellville. It was built on direct orders from God/Jesus and would only be able to fly during the Rapture. I wish I had that kind of faith...

  4. i knew al. he told me that he was going to used aluminum cans for fuel on the space ship.

  5. I remember him showing that to me and my brother when we was younger. It brings back memories from way back.