Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just another day at the Oak Tree...

The ever-suave barista, Nevin, quietly approached my table this afternoon to check on my friends and me. Our coffee was hot, the food was good, and his bubble-beard was...quite funny.
The Oak Tree Bistro has been open for a year or so, and I can't recommend it enough. The staff is always very friendly (and entertaining.) My favorite eats are the hummus, served with toasted pita wedges, the greek salad, the cobb salad, and whatever the soupe du jour happens to be. Wonderful, wonderful food!
I recommend getting the cobb salad with feta cheese instead of the blue, and having it served in a spinach wrap. The greek pizza and the buffalo chicken pizza are also very tasty.
Wade the soup-chef is constantly experimenting with new recipes, and I have really enjoyed everything he's made. Today I had the spring chicken soup, with its chunky chicken meat and little bits of peas and carrots. I only had a cup of it, so I could pick out one of the rich-looking chocolate desserts from the display case. I am hoping that the lavender and rose syrups will be re-stocked, since I have now acquired a taste for lavender iced tea and rose-flavored mochas. (Chocolate, roses and coffee, all in one drink? Can you say "Nectar of the Goddesses?")

Vive la Oak Tree!

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