Friday, February 12, 2010

This is what a crazy bitch looks like...

***Note the haircut on this woman. I have known three crazy bitches with this same, black-colored, straight-"I-have-absolutely-no sense-of-style" bangs. It must be a sign, so beware!***

   Today, a female professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville shot six of her co-workers, murdering three of them on the spot. (One of them had been my former anatomy and physiology professor.) For a while, the media was emphasizing how distraught Dr. Bishop must've been to get denied tenure. But she was denied tenure nearly a year ago. This could not have been a crime of passion. And, she sat through a faculty meeting for at least 30 minutes before opening fire on her unarmed co-workers. How insane is that?!

   Did the victims know that this woman was crazy? No one knew (until now) that she had shot her own brother in the chest with a shotgun in 1986. Her mother helped convince local police that it was an accident, so the young Dr. Bishop never went to court for what she did. Holy crap! How does a U.S. citizen shoot and kill a family member without ever paying a price? Where's the justice here?

   UAH is currently missing 6 biology professors. Three were shot dead, one is in critical care, one is receiving medical treatment, and one is in jail. The campus will be closed for a week. As a former student from UAH and as a current biology instructor, I send out my heartfelt sympathy.

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