Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!!

   Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Today, I visited my favorite winery in Altus, Arkansas, and I met an interesting pair of twin ladies from Alabama. They had driven to Oklahoma to see their mom for Mother's Day, and they just happened to stop by that same winery on their way home to Alabama. They tried many different wines, and between sips they chatted with me about their kids. One of the ladies openly discussed her daughter's mental health problems and her temporary stay in a mental institute. There was a time in my younger life when I would have been horrified and probably repulsed to hear this, but now I know better. These ladies loved this girl, and they saw no reason to hide her faults. She was on their minds, so they talked about her. I told the ladies I saw an interview with Michelle Obama recently, and in the interview Mrs. Obama commented that our kids "are ALL we have." I knew what she meant. Our children are the future. They are important. We should do everything we can to ensure their health and survival. 
   Both ladies looked at me with screwed-up faces. "What about US?" one of them said. The winery owner (who is my friend) looked over at me with her face kind of screwed-up as well. "That's not really true," she said. Her opinion holds a lot of water, err, wine, since she is a successful business owner AND she has two children of her own. Important take-aways from smart, tough women who know better: DRINK MORE WINE and YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR CHILDREN! 

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