Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Cleans Trump's Clock For The Third Time

   The third and final Presidential Debate was arguably the best one between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, largely due to Chris Wallace's mastery at being a tenacious and well-prepared moderator. I was nervous about the debate, considering how tense and unprofessional the second debate had been. When Donald Trump becomes unglued, he appears to be capable of nearly anything. His physical lurking behind Hillary at the second debate was unnerving and inappropriate on all levels. Near the end of the final debate last night, Hillary once again showed the world how very capable she is at staying calm and measured in the face of a brutal storm. Trump, who was apparently aware that Hillary had cleaned his clock for the third time in a row, called her "such a nasty woman" after she jabbed him rather craftily in her statement about taxes and social security. I'm sure Trump's last handful of fans cheered loudly when he said that, and Hillary gained a new following of "nasty" women!

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