Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can You Find The Real David?

I was invited by a friend to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for Labor Day weekend last year (thank you, Patricia!), and I was thrilled to see a full-size replica of Michelangelo's David on display at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino. Six months later, I flew to Italy and was able to view the authentic David in Florence's Accademia Gallery. As famous as the David is, I really did not know that this was meant to be the David of the Biblical David and Goliath story, or that Michelangelo created this magnificent work to depict the boy right before his battle with the giant. That is a slingshot on his left shoulder. As my bright young co-traveler commented, the look on his face says, "I've got this."  

You can probably tell by the flashiness in the top photo, but the top photo is in Vegas, and the bottom photo is the REAL David in Florence, Italy.

Close-up of David's face. I definitely think he has it!

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