Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Gentle World of Stan Brown

I know two professional plant breeders. They are both men, and they could not possibly be more different. One of them is a University-based, many-patent holding, world-traveling businessman, and the other one is more like the legendary Johnny Appleseed. The latter is named Stan Brown, and he owns a plant nursery in Clarksville, Arkansas. Stan always has time for his customers. He can answer nearly any question about any plant, and I have never seen him in a hurry. I visited Stan recently on an outing to purchase catnip and lemongrass plants for my homemade bug repellent experiments. While we were talking in the main greenhouse, I watched him feed his pet turtles that are living in a large tub full of aquatic plants. Stan helped me find the plants I needed as we casually strolled through another large greenhouse full of beautiful, wonderful-smelling things. He showed me the red crepe myrtle shrubs he bred. "You can leave two things (after you die)," he told me. "One is your kids. The a nice plant."
Stan Brown and his red crepe myrtles. At Blossomberry's in Clarksville, AR. 


  1. I would just like to say thank you for posting such a wonderful article, I too believe Stan is a wonderful man and definitely an uncommon one. He always shows such a kind and gentle patience towards everyone, cares nothing for profit, and only wishes to pass on the great passion for plants that he possesses. Hardly in this world are good people noticed anymore ma’am. I would just like to thank you for noticing.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Roger! I just bought a Saijo persimmon tree from Stan. I have been wanting to try those big tasty-looking fruits for a long time and he said these trees do well in Arkansas. I can't wait to try one.