Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's hard to be annonymous in the full moon light...


   One of my closest friends believes that people are evil at their core. "Like the Earth," she said, referring to Earth's molten center.
   "The core is evil, and people just pack on layers of things (analogous to the Earth's crust), like Christianity, to hide it."
I told her I did not believe that people were inherently evil. I think we have a continuous struggle; an ongoing battle like in the story of the two wolves.
   She wasn't familiar with the old Cherokee story, so I told her how everyone's soul has two wolves; one represents all good things, like joy, hope, courage, strength, optimism, and the other represents all bad things, like greed, jealousy, selfishness, weakness, etc. The two wolves are constantly fighting, and the one that wins is "the one you feed."
She looked at me for a split-second and said, "That's stupid."
   This woman is known for her blunt honesty. "People are evil," she said. "I KNOW it."
   I know she's been hurt. But who hasn't been? I am continuously disappointed and hurt by the people in my life. The problem is, you don't always know what their intentions are. Intent is
King, I believe.
   We are going to have another blunt discussion soon, and I bought a bottle of wine in preparation for it: J. Lohr's "Wildflower," which is a very light, red wine. I first had it at the actual J. Lohr winery in San Jose, California. It is best served chilled, and it tastes like flowers. Perfect for summer!

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