Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma Took All Of The Water Out Of The Bahamas

   My God, I have never seen anything like this! People living on Long Island in the Bahamas took video footage today, September 9, 2017, showing that the OCEAN IS MISSING! Long Island is approximately 366 miles southeast of Miami, which would be the equivalent of about a four-hour passenger flight. Hurricane Irma is expected to hit the southern tip of Florida by 8:00 tomorrow (Sunday) morning, although the Miami International Airport has already reported gusts of winds hitting 75 mph today. Several people have commented on the video that the ocean water missing like that can be an indication that a tsunami is coming. 
   In other news, a Florida Publix bakery employee named Kelly Higginbotham made several "Hurricane Irma" themed cakes for sale, to the delight of many and to the disgust of a few. (I thought they were beautiful.)

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